You Can Help

Check out our list of ways you can help maintain the pressure politically, at a local level, and online!

Below are tools and tips to help you be effective if you choose to contact MPPs or local municipalities.

Get support from your municipal council

Thunder Bay City Council passed a resolution to support restoration of the Ontario Ranger Program. Thanks Thunder Bay!

We need more of these. Go to Save the Rangers website to find tips on getting support on your municipal council. The municipal council is probably your closest elected official you have access to. The smaller the community the more influence you have as a voter.

Why should your local government support the Save the Rangers campaign?

This campaign is about restoring the Ontario Ranger Program for the next generation of young people and it was accessible to all 17 year old students from Ontario wherever they lived. More than likely there are other former Rangers in the community.

This is a Provincial matter, so what difference does it make taking it to the municipal-level of government?

Municipal governments have political influence on Provincial governments, who doesn’t want people to like them? If more than one municipality is supporting the same campaign it adds weight to the issue.

Meet in person with your MPP

Prefer to group with other Rangers for the visit? Easily add your name and email to the list, check off your MPP, and see if anyone else has too!

Write Letters

In your letters, we ask that you please keep a positive note on things. Be respectful, be polite and be precise.
Don't know where to start? Check out our sample letter!

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